All Things Marilyn

The Battle to Save Marilyn Monroe's Final Home

September 11, 2023 Scott Fortner & Elisa Jordan Season 2 Episode 4
All Things Marilyn
The Battle to Save Marilyn Monroe's Final Home
Show Notes

In this episode of the All Things Marilyn Podcast, we discuss and share opinions about the recent news that the City of Los Angeles Planning and Development Department  approved a requested permit to demolish Marilyn Monroe's home, located in Brentwood, CA. This was the only house she ever owned on her own, and the location where she passed away in 1962. The pending demolition was announced in a New York Post article

All Things Marilyn co-hosts Scott and Elisa review and discuss this issue with an elite panel of historians and experts, including: 

  • Gary Vitacco-Robles, author of several books on Marilyn, including Cursum Perficio: Marilyn Monroe's Brentwood Hacienda, Icon: The Life, Times and Films of Marilyn Monroe Volumes I and II, and Icon: What Killed Marilyn Monroe Volumes I and II
  • April VeVea, author of Marilyn Monroe: A Day In The Life and Puffblicity: An Appreciation of Jayne Mansfield; and
  • Remi Gangarossa, writer, producer and director of a forthcoming short film on Marilyn Monroe, titled Marilyn's Dark Paradise

This expert panel has extensive knowledge about and history of Marilyn and her home. We chat about everything from how much Marilyn paid for the house in 1962 to what the motivation might be to have the house torn down, together with how fans have reacted and rallied together to save the house.

Councilwoman Traci Park launched an effort to acquire a stay on any construction and a revocation of the demolition permit, which was unanimously approved by the LA City Council. But, what's next and how can you help?

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